Papini Leather

Ettore Papini started the business in 1896, when the activity was based on bounding books, desk sets, leather jewelry boxes in Florentine style, beside exclusive handbags, purses, and a wide men leather selection which today are greatly appreciated.

Then Guglielmo and Paolo continued the family business by expanding the production and promoting Papini’s name abroad with knowledge and love, even during difficult periods like the post-World War II era and the Florence flood of 1966.

The four generations of the family still produce by hand their own leather goods, creating very exclusive products such as their world-famous solid leather items.

After 40 years of work, Cecilia and Lucia do not seem willing to retire; on the contrary, they have even more enthusiasm and dedication to their activity while the fifth generation is getting ready.
All our products are authentically hand made using vegetal tanned leathers, refusing any chemical product. – Cecilia and Lucia Papini like to underline – And all our suppliers are from Florence. This is our winning characteristic which made us famous over 126 years of history.

In 1985, Florence’s Mayor included Papini among the city’s “historic stores”, an honor received by 75 of Florence’s best and most famous stores.