The Papini family has been in business and on the same premises since 1896, when Ettore Papini opened a store with a workshop near Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

Initially, the activity was based on bounding books, desk sets, leather jewelry boxes in Florentine style, beside exclusive handbags, purses, and a wide men leather goods selection which today are greatly appreciated.

After one century everything is changed in the world,
but Papini’s quality is unchanged.

The Gold Medals received at the 1910 and 1932 London International Fairs, and at the 1939 New York World Fair, plus all the ones received at the Florence Artisans Fairs demonstrate the high quality of the merchandise produced.

Then Guglielmo and Paolo continued the family business by expanding the production and promoting Papini’s name abroad with knowledge and love, even during difficult periods like the post-World War II era and the Florence flood of 1966.

The four generations of the family still produce by hand their own leather goods, creating very exclusive products such as their world-famous solid leather items.

In 1985 the Florence’s Mayor included Papini among the city’s “historic stores”, an honor received by 75 of the best and most famous shops in Florence.

If at the White House they know and appreciate the Florentine craftsmanship is almost thanks to a leather goods craftsman: Papini.

Since 1896 among the clients of this historical shop in Lungarno degli Archibusieri in Florence, you may find USA Presidents, from Roosevelt to Biden.
Not to mention several members of European monarchies like the King of Belgium, the Queen of Netherlands, the Italian Savoia family, and Arab princesses too from Qatar and Bahrain, without forgetting purchases also from the Vatican.

Many artists, actors, and actresses worldwide, when visiting Florence, like shopping in this shop today managed by the 4th generation of Papini’s family.